Rivich Auction's Featured Artist

Brandon Johnson

About Brandon

"Question the importance and relevance of both the past and present art world."

Brandon Johnson blends his experiences as a painter, a designer, and a carpenter to create works that both embrace the history of art while also challenging their worth by defacing them. Using representational realism as a foundation, he distorts the line between art and vandalism to question the importance and relevance of both the past and present art world, all the while infusing it with a sense of tongue and cheek irony. He studied for three years at the American Academy of Art while pursuing a Bachelors in Fine Art degree with a specialization in oil painting. He has shown his work in the Rockwell Collectives Salon show, where he won the Judges best in show, and he showed his work in The SouthShore Arts 76th Annual Salon show, where he won the Wanda L. and Richard W. Gardner Memorial Award.  Currently, he works out of his studio in Northwest Indiana.

"Not For Sale"
Oil on Canvas 
28.25'' x 26.5 x 2.5
Oil on Panel 
10'' x 10 x 1
Oil on Canvas 
50.25'' x 37.5 x 2.5
Silverpoint on Panel 
12'' x 12 x ~ 3/8
"Wasn't Real Anyways"
Oil on Panel 
24.5'' x 15.25 x 3

To purchase please DM @vintagechicagodesign on instagram or text/ call (219) 765-8219

Rivich Auction's Featured Artist

Brian Overley

About Brian

"It's nothing complicated", view his (Overley's) work as you please. 

Denver, Colorado born Brian Overley is no stranger to the world of fine arts and antiques. It is with such experience and exposure that Overley would rather have his art and people do the talking in regards to what he creates and represents. He states, "It's nothing complicated", allowing for freedom to view his work as you please. "They aren't about subject. They aren't about a story. They aren't strict formal theories. They aren't color poems. They aren't political dogma. They aren't products." Overley enjoys the actual process of creation and allowing the painting to reveal itself as he goes. He states his artwork winds up as "a surprise, but it also feels inevitable."

Overley has shown his work for years in Dallas, Texas and all across the US having sold a few hundred paintings thus far. It was in the late 90's that Overley partnered up with Alan DeBaugh to be co-owners of their storefront in Harbert, Michigan called Marco Polo. The general aesthetic of Marco Polo is a combination of insightful and beautiful interior designs that act as standout pieces, but still blend in well. Much of this aesthetic can be seen in Overley's artwork. There is a subtle comfort of knowing the art is there with you, but ads a layer of intellectual conversation to the room. 

"Painting with Flowers"
House Paint & Acrylic on Canvas
36'' x 24 x 1.5
House Paint & Acrylic on Canvas
31.25'' x 25.5 x  2.75
"Japanese Video"
House Paint & Acrylic on Canvas
29.5'' x 23.5 x 1.75
"Man with Pipe"
House Paint & Acrylic on Canvas
21.25'' x 17.25 x 2.75

To purchase please DM @vintagechicagodesign on instagram or text/ call (219) 765-8219

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